Fedex: Api Requesting International Economy - Should Be Home Delivery

I started getting some strange quotes after some updates.

FedEx Home Delivery is quoting $53.10 to the customer but when I go to process it via FedEx I'm getting charged $59.40. Everything looked good on both ends but then me and FedEx both noticed that the request is asking for International Economy even though it is a USA based address in Washington state that is verified residential and Home Delivery is selected:


Everything is setup perfectly in the FedEx Home Delivery type, yes, including the service itself as Home Delivery... but yet it's making this request for International Economy, which causes an error and then an inaccurate quote back. I've deleted the service and readded, still the same.

Here's the response:

Response: <RateReplyxmlns="">ERRORERRORcrs868Service is not allowed. Service is not allowed. Rates Requestcrs1800

Is there an issue with the shipping module now or ?? I'm about to check the db for the FedEx module to see if there are some wrong fields. This store is on 4.11.4.SP3


Check your location and zip code setup. It may not be finding that zip code. Creating a default for WA state might help.

No, that's not the problem. The problem, as it looks to me, is that somewhere in the coding, the Home Delivery method is getting submitted as International Economy to FedEx for a quote so when FedEx looks at it and says "no, you are shipping domestically, not International' it issues the error then gives a Home Delivery quote...which would all be fine and good but because of the error it's not applying the correct rate regardless. I've confirmed that much with FedEx.

I've been using CSS for 10 years and this store has been setup for 7 on CSC and shipping with FedEx just as long so it's a pretty established setup.

The FedEx international economy throws an http real time error for me so maybe the two are reversed in code or bugged. I would post a bug tracker but they all go unanswered lately.