I am having trouble importing my Brand names using the Features heading in the excel file, i use this method below but it does not add the Brands in the store to the products been imported. Is there a way to get them assigned on import? This is the method i use in the CSV file under the Feature heading for Brands: E[Givenchy]

Anyone has an idea how to get the brand name imported in the file?

Try to assign brand to one product and export this product only to check required format

It looks like you're missing the feature id.

{1}Brands: E[Givenchy]

Thanks The Tool, but your method does not work and i really cannot see how this can be done.

Is your "Brands" feature id "1"? If not then add the appropriate feature id number.

I use this on a daily basis so I know it works. You just need to make sure everything is exact.

Edit: Also the field name is supposed to be "Features" and not "Feature" and make sure the feature name is "Brands" and not "Brand".

If all else fails, do like ecom said and manually add the brand to one product then export it to see the exact format.

Thank you very much The Tool, I finally got it to work. I will be sure to ask you for more help :confused: when needed 8)