Features not currently available shown on News Page


I am linking through to my Site News page using “index.php?dispatch=news.list” but when page is displayed I get an error at the bottom of my page showing:

“Features not currently available”

It gets displayed whether or not there are news items.

Why is this displayed, and how can I remove it?

I assume you're trying to display a Product Filters block using the news, news.list or news.views dispatch. There are no products associated with the “news.” dispatch and so there are no products to filter. You can add a Products block type to the news pages but not filters, presumably because the function isn't coded in to the news controller.

I cannot find reference to this error message in V2.24 through V3.0.5, do you have a custom template? It may be hard-coded in to your template, otherwise search in Administration>Languages and delete the text which should make the error stop being displayed. Alternatively you could remove the filters block from the news dispatch if you are using V3.

I'm not trying to display any “Product Filters”, I'm simplying loading the default News Page “http://mydomain.com/index.php?dispatch=news.list

Nothing is hard coded. It is the default News Display that is cauing the erroneous message.

Never seen that before and that error message doesn't exist in 2.2.4-3.0.5. Are you using a custom skin? Which version and are you using any 3rd party add-ons?

I'm running CS-Cart: version 3.0.5 PROFESSIONAL, just using the basic skin which has only been slightly restyled by amending the basic syle Sheets.

There are no 3rd Party Addon.

I've searched Languages and there is no mention of this phrase anywhere.

I've deactivated and reactivated News Addon, but this doesn't help.

I am just simply calling the page using the url:


Similar links on other sites such as index.php?dispatch=news.list work fine.

I'm really baffled!!

Just took a look - wasn’t aware of any other CS-Cart users here in Scotland! :grin:

I had a look at the text - it is within a ‘wysiwyg-content’ div class, which suggests there is an erroneous HTML block somewhere. Unless you have a Location set for ‘news.list’, then there must be an HTML block on the Default location causing this.