Features Import Format Not Working

I have tried several different ways to import the Features for the Details TAB using Products import,

What is the correct format?

Knowledgebase Instructions:[list]

[*]Features. All features that you import must be in the {Feature ID} (Group name) Feature name: Feature type[Feature value] format, where Feature ID - ID of the feature, Group name - Name of the feature group, Feature name - Name of the feature, Feature type - Type of the feature (C - checkbox, M - multiple checkboxes, S - text select box, N - number select box, E - extended selectbox, T - simple text, O - number, D - date), Feature value - Value of the feature (several values can be delimited by a comma). Several features must be delimited by a semicolon. Note, it is required to create features on the Product features page before (!) applying them to the products.


EXAMPLE: T[1233423423]; Release date: D[05/05/07]; Color: S[Red]

I have separated each Feature with “;” but still get wrong results…

also the “Material” and “Finish” Feature not listed.

Here is my Products Import TEXT for the Features column in the Excel file

Size: T[5/64]; SAE or Metric: T[SAE];Material: T[Chromalloy Steel Shaft & 8650 Alloy Hex Bit];Finish:T[Gold color Zinc Plate & Black Oxide Bit]; Drive Type: T[T-Handle Hex];Style: T[SUPER-T-DRIVER]; Dr./Length (L): T[6]

My Results

This is the result i want…

Please advise…thanks chris

Hi Christbi,

It's been a while since we tried to import Features. Never fun given the extreme complexity of structuring one's data.

Perhaps this can help you, an earlier post of mine in which I included a screenshot of our spreadsheet. If you look at that screenshot (top right corner) it might help you to figure out the exact structure.

[url=“Best Practices? Import Features Per Product Via Csv - Hints & Modifications - CS-Cart Community Forums”]Best Practices? Import Features Per Product Via Csv - Hints & Modifications - CS-Cart Community Forums

Thanks for the Help…Still getting incorrect FEATURES in Detail TAB…

Trying to import Features


Why are some features correct but some are incorrect and have brackets “]” “[” etc…

import data used below

Size: M[.109]; SAE or Metric: M[SAE];Material:M[Chromalloy Steel Shaft///8650 Alloy Hex Bit];Finish:M[Gold color Zinc Plate///Black Oxide Bit]; Drive Type: M[T-Handle Hex];Style:M[SUPER-T-DRIVER]; Dr. Length (L): M[6]

This seems correct according to the Knowledge base…

any suggestions?

I'll send a starbucks gift card for this first person to solve this…thanks chris

Hi, found three typo's, see attachment. It should fix some (all?) of your errors

CSC-team should really read my original post about it, the level of complexity required for data-preparation is ridiculous

Features typo.jpg

Thanks for the help…Problem Solved…Your Starbucks Card is on its way!!

Thanks again-… Chris BTI USA

Hi Chris,

You are welcome. Good luck with the next steps!


For anyone struggling with this: