Features/Functions for a Specific Project

Hi all,

I’m looking at CS-Cart as an option for one of my clients. As such I’m trying to gauge the suitability of CS-Cart for the project.

The site requirements are a little bit different from those of a standard ecommerce site.

  • For operational reasons all of the actual credit card transactions will be completed offline, via an agent on the phone.

  • Flexible and customisable gift certificates are very important.

  • The site’s currency will need to be non-standard i.e. denominated in “points” or some other “faux” currency.

  • It will be neccessary to make the site “invitation only” so that only those invited to the site and logged in will be able to see the products available. The public view of the site should be restricted to a simple page asking for interested parties to supply their email address for further information. So user access and group permissions controls are very important to this project.

    As this is very much a discovery process at this time I would appreciate any insight or opinions as to the suitability of CS Cart for this project.

    Thanks in advance.


It seems that in general CS-Cart meets your requirements, but some code changes will be needed. Please send us a request to sales@cs-cart.com and we will give you a more detailed answer.