Features by Module


Can we get a break down of the CS CART features planned for 2.2.1 and onwards

If you break it up per add-on / module - I think it is easier to understand.



Shipping Module:

* Added tax calculation on subtotal


* Mini cart added

* Block added for Mini Cart

Mobile Skin

* Skin Template completed

V2.2.2 (Planned - In Development)

Payment Processors

* Paygate to be added

* NetCash to be added

Social Media

* Add Like buttons to products will be available

Doing it this way if far neater and easier to understand for everyone. This is sort of release notes that we need.

You could also include in your release notes the bugs fixed in current version and those planned for next version.

Bouncing around the forum and reading the features request (User Voice) site and also looking at the Bug tracker is way too many places for me to keep track of

I would like to see 1 report (set of notes) per version / per release that covers

  1. Features Completed
  2. Bugs Resolved
  3. Bugs/ Defects planned for next iteration
  4. Features scheduled and planned for next iteration / release
  5. Possible link to screenshots of completed features or link to demo cart where these can be reviewed

    I am sure the entire community will benefit from a single release note covering points 1 to 5.

    You are busy with beta v2.2.1 but we have no idea as a community what is planned next (Both defects and Bugs) and definitely confirmed to be fixed in next iteration/ release.

    When I read the forums, the same message / theme is prevalent over and over. Lack of transparency on delivery times/ dates and on exactly which items are being worked on next.

    Thoughts anyone ?