Featured Products

I was reading about using list mania to setup featured products for the homepage. Is listmania included in Cscart 2.0? I am just trying to figure out how to add/remove featured products on the homepage. Also, I removed the “Welcome” message and “_text_welcome” on the homepage by commenting out the index.tpl file in skins\basic\customer\views\index but now there is a whitespace there. Is there a way to minimize or remove this filler whitespace (mainbox_general.tpl) on the homepage. One more thing is that I put in an extra wide top logo on my homepage which put my top_quick_links below the logo. I then left justified the top quick links and now there is a large white space in the upper right corner of my homepage that I need to get rid of or make use of.

Admin controls

Go to “Design–>Blocks”

Select “home page”

In the “Features products”, select status to “active” and then “Add Products”