Feature variants limit issue

I have noticed that when adding variants to a “Type: Text”, there is an upper limit of 40 variants. While the number is 40 or lower, the drop-down list works correctly when editing features for a product.

However, as soon at the number of variants reaches 41, the drop-down list changes to links. This reverts to the correct format when variants are deleted to bring the number back to 40 or lower.

This can be see in the following image:

I don’t suppose anyone has any clues as to why this happens and how to fix it ?

Our cart is at the latest version and the problem existed both before and after updating.

Never mind. Fixed it.


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If you search through the code, there's a variable which sets the maximum number of variants at 40. Just increase this number.

I'm having the same problem … any chance you remember what file the code is in?

Can you tell us where we can find this code? Thanks!

Can you tell us where we can find this code? Thanks!

config.php file:

define('PRODUCT_FEATURE_VARIANTS_THRESHOLD', 40); // if number of product feature variants less than this value, all product feature variants will be retrieved, otherwise product features variants will be retrieved by ajax