Feature Request: Shipping by "Code"


It would be great if, in addition to the ability to define a shipping price based on weight/cost/amount, one could define the shipping cost based on a “code”, which could be changed when a user selects different product options.

For example, say I’m selling a Widget that has three different configurations: Tall, Grande, and Venti. Here are my shipping/handling costs for each of these options:

Tall: $1

Grande: $5

Venti: $10

These shipping costs have no relation to the item’s weight/cost/amount.

I’d like to be able to assign each of these options a “code” (maybe S1, S2, S3) that tells CS-Cart to look up shipping/handling for the product/option without calculating it based on the product’s weight/cost/amount/etc.

Basically, I want to create a table of flat shipping rates that varies based on the options the customer selects.

I’ve tried to accomplish this using weights, but it just isn’t what I’m after.

I suspect that a feature like this would be useful to others. If so, shout out below!



Alternatively, it would be nice if shipping could be selected on a per-item basis. In other words, each item in the shopping cart would include a shipping dropdown, and a shipping total would show up at the bottom.

We would like the ability to bind a specific shipping method to products. For instance, we have some items that MUST ship by truck even if other items on the order ship by UPS. Likewise, we have other items which must ship Next Day even if other items ship Standard.


I tottaly agree, different shipping methods bind for products would be the ideal choice in many situations.