Feasible feature request?

I opened a ticket, but was referred to the ‘custom development service’, however I was simply wondering if it is a feasible feature request. I don’t have good experience with custom addons and I’d rather have a cart that has the basic features I need built in.

For those of you who understand how this works on the backend:

I noticed in the description it says: “For proper tracking such order will be then automatically divided into several ones depending on the number of vendors supplying the purchased goods – one order per each vendor.”

Would it be feasible to add an option in the settings that would allow the service based or download stores like mine to create one order regardless of the number of vendors? I have no order tracking or fulfillment needs. Customers should only see one order. Vendors do not need to see order details or customer information. They only need to be able to manage products and see reports of what products sold and how much they earned.

Or am I the only one that needs this sort of functionality?

Not overly familiar with the specifics of the mult-vendor platform, but I would assume you could find the place that splits the order and simply comment out the looping through the products and comparing suppliers… Should probably be somewhere in either core/fn.cart.php or controllers/customer/checkout.php (probably the former).

Thanks for the input! Now that you mention it, I think x-cart had a place in the code like that. And now I remember the problem - the separate orders are tied to the reporting, so if you turn that off, there is no reporting for each vendor. I think with x-cart, I’d figured out the logic behind a solution but couldn’t find a coder who could finish it for me. (They all had 6 month waits just to start, or something like that.) Then I tried Inter$pire and ran into the same problem with their edition. No one could figure out how to turn off the multiple orders and most people would just tell me there was nothing wrong with it creating multiple orders. I decided to go live with Inter$pire in spite of the confusing multiple orders only to discover that their reporting was totally inaccurate. I was live for less than 5 days. :rolleyes: Finally I came to cs-cart and had them custom code an addon for me… got part 1 finished (vendor login area) and it is adequate, but part 2 (the reporting) ended up taking about 5 months longer than it should have (developer was fired or quit) and I never went live because I haven’t had a chance to fully test it yet and ensure all the amounts match up to the manually reports I’ve been running for the past year. :neutral: Anyway, now that everyone knows my life story :rolleyes:, it sounds like I may be stuck with living with a merely adequate addon and paying them 10x over to fix it each time I need to upgrade. :???:

I know multiple orders make sense for most stores - kind of like the amazon marketplace where each vendor ships an item - but in my store, there is no customer-vendor interaction and the customer would have no clue why the orders are split up. Maybe I could figure out how to run order notifications in the background and send out one notification. They’d still download all their links from multiple orders on one page like they do now… maybe that would work… just thinking out loud…