Fatal error: /core/fn.catalog.php

I’m getting this error on one of my categories, 2 of the 3 the sub categories under it do not have the error but one does, the sub sub categories don’t have the error. This had been working. Does anyone know of a fix and/or why I’m getting this error?

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2097152 bytes) in /home/limerike/public_html/core/fn.catalog.php on line 4009

Increasing the @ini_set('memory_limit value in config.local.php beyond 250MB might allow this to load properly but is not fixing the problem and, I don’t recommend this if you like where you are hosted.

For some reason, your script is consuming more than 256MB of memory during those loads. It should never require nearly that much memory so this indicates poor or corrupted coding somewhere.

First, make sure the permissions are correct on your cache directories and files for the type of server you are hosted on and clear them.

PHP running as CGI: permissions should be 755/644

PHP running as Apache: permissions should be 777/666

I that doesn’t resolve the problem then try reverting or disabling any recent modifications or addons one by one (clearing cache each time) to see if one of those is causing this problem.

Thank you, I’ll check permissions.

We got it figured out. It was a timestamp mod to set the order display. Funny thing is that it was only that one category.