Fatal error: Class 'csPHPMailer' not found

Using v2.0.6.

When sending a newsletter I get redirected to a page that list the email addresses it should go to in addition to this error message:

Fatal error: Class ‘csPHPMailer’ not found in /home/cente/public_html/dev/addons/news_and_emails/func.php on line 676

The newsletter never goes out. I checked permissions as best I could (not much info on this in the manual), checked all email settings under Administration/Settings/Email, checked that the file “func.php” actually exist in that directory, but after three days of trying to figure it out I have pretty much given up out of sheer frustration.

Can someone give me an idea what is causing this?


I have the same problem on 2.06.

I didn’t found the solution yet…

I cancel ‘cs’ from ‘csPHPMailer’ line 676

Email is sent but sent empty…