Fastest Way to Translate CS-Cart Language

[SIZE=“3”]The fastest way to translate CS-Cart English language into a new language:[/SIZE]

1 - “Export” your base language to CSV file:

2 - Go to: [url][/url]

3 - Go to: “Administration > Export Data

4 - On your right hand, click on “Translations” link

5 - Click on “Export” button

6 - Open and Edit your CSV file with LibreOffice

7 - Copy “Value” column of your CSV file

8 - Go to translate it via Google Translate

9 - Copy Google Translate results

10 - Paste it on “Value” column of your CSV file

11 - “Save as” to a new CSV file

12 - Go to: “Content >Languages

13 - Click on “Add Language” button

14 - Create a new language

15 - Go to “Administration > Import Data

16 - On your right hand, click on “Translations” link

17 - Select Language

18 - Select file

19 - Click on “Import” button

Lee Li Pop

Unfortunately, ther is no “hidden” status for languages so you can’t edit new ones without them appearing on the site. Was told it will be done in the future.

Hello Tbirnseth,

Of course, you must always import and refines your translation language file on your “localhost” development server, before to import your final perfectly clean language file on your production server…

This is true - of course - for all developments: They should first be tested locally before entering in production conditions.

Thank you Tbirnseth for this reminding.

Lee Li Pop

My point was that it should be able to be done on the server without it being visible to the customer environment before it is complete (or complete to the extent that merchant is comfortable publishing it).

I.e. there should be a Hidden status so the language can be available in the admin panel without it being availabe in the customer view. Just like most other objects in the system.

Hello Tbirnseth,

I agree with you, however, nobody is perfect, this is why I work always on “localhostbefore entering in production conditions.

Here is an excellent opportunity to remind to be careful when you work on development of your website.

Lee Li Pop