Fastcomet Hosting

We are moving from Sitegroung to FastComet.

During two weeks evaluation our site with CS Cart Multivendor was down

Does anyone have an experience with this hosting?

Thank you

Which hosting plan do you have with them?

Hosting Fastcomet SpeedUp Plan

SSD – 35GB

CPU 6 cores


During two weeks evaluation our site with CS Cart Multivendor was down

The plan you are on, is a usual shared plan so the 6 cores and RAM will be shared across all accounts/users on this server. That means if there are some busy sites on that server it will slow down all another applications of another users.

Maybe you are the one who is using unacceptable server resources and you have been shut down.

Secondly I think that running Multivendor on a shared web hosting won't work from the long-term point of view.

I would recommend a VPS server at least.

I moved from many hosts to Fastcomet. I have to say Fastcomet has never let me down and i dont think they ever will. The support is the best, they reply with minutes. Someone is always available on their live chat. Also Fastcomet does not timeout when importing feeds. This was a major problem for me as other hosts have a 30sec or 120sec script limit. £65 per year for scale-right with loads of extras such as free SSL and cloudflare.

Any developers want to chime in on fastcomet ?

I am looking to find a new home for my CS-Cart.

Also, has anyone used FastComet's free migration service ?

I have been with FastComet since last December 2017 and can't really fault them.

My site has been down for minutes occasionally but turned out to be more my

ISP that was to blame.

Support is very rapid and time zone is not a problem because there always appears

to be someone awake somewhere.

Their free CS-Cart migration went without a hitch.


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Owr hosting datacenters ?

Looks fantastic but a little too expensive for me just now.

I use fastcomet. Works pretty darn good