Fast Ssd Vds, Servers In Usa And Europe

ITL Group is an international group of companies with EU HQ located in Bulgaria. We successfully works on telco market since 1991, providing wide range of services on ukrainian and european market. ITLDC subsdiary providing colocation, dedicated servers and VPS hosting services. Despite extensive experience in various areas of the telecommunications industry, we deliberately concentrate our efforts to provide premium quality and affordable services.

Our certified engineers has more than fifteen years experience with UNIX operating systems, Juniper an Cisco networking equipment and virtualization technology. We can solve any, even the most complex system administration task.

It should be noted that we host servers in our own data centers and racks. This allows us to offer reasonable prices with ultimate hardware solutions and ensure the traditionally quick response to customers’ requests.

[color=#000080]VDS (KVM)[/color] in Europe and USA from [color=#000080]3.5 EUR/month[/color][list]

[]512MB RAM


[]1 core CPU

]1 IPv4

[]1 IPv6

]Support 24/7


[color=#000080]Servers[/color] in Europe and USA from [color=#000080]39 EUR/month[/color][list]

[]4Gb RAM

]500GB SATA3

[]Intel G1610 CPU

]2 core

[]2 threads

]1 IPv4+IPv6

[*]Support 24/7