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A fast, light and easy checkout process as Foxycart!:

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Incredible Checkout Process!

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Of course, I talk only about checkout process.

Lee Li Pop


I am curious if you are a paid poster from other carts or from a paid blogging company? Almost all your posts are negative against cs-cart and/or mention other carts. I am starting to get a feeling you get paid to bad mouth cs-cart and advertise other carts. You never have anything good to say about cs-cart. Very strange.

When I see someone make so many posts with the same negative tone in a forum I get very suspicious.

Dear Triplets,

God bless your soul! Your suspicious mind is a God’s gift, you know.

Suspicious Minds is also a wonderful song of the only King of Rock: Elvis Presley!

[QUOTE]Would I still see suspicion in your eyes?[/QUOTE]

Love is not just saying “I Love You… I Love You”. It’s showing also weakness of your partner to build together a better life and a strongest love.

Moreover, any love so strong can it be, do not make me blind. If a competitor shopping cart has a nice feature, I wish you know.

But more than falling into a loser jealous mind, this must be a stimulus to be better!

In order to appease your soul, you can write to [SIZE=“3”]Yuri F. of CS-Cart headquarter[/SIZE] to ask him the total amount of 2 addons that I intend to buy.

Those 2 addons come from 2 other competitors shopping cart. To help CS-Cart to be better, do you understand?

But first, to pacify your suspicious conscience, you can read two of my last posts about “Why CS-Cart”:



Lee Li Pop

Lee Li Pop,

What are your two addons? Maybe they will be something I am interested in as well.



Hello jegesmaci,

It seems to me you’re using CSC 2.x, then, I’m sorry to say this: I’m using CSC 1.3.5, and these 2 addons are used only for this CSC release.

But, for your knowledge, the first one is a powerful evolution of a FREE addon of PrestaShop, the second is used by one of the US #1 on its field.

So, why don’t use PrestaShop? Because, the (very short) base of PrestaShop is free, BUT you need to pay everything else.

An example?

Prestashop payment addons are NOT included and quite expensive:


CS-Cart payment systems addons are included for FREE:


One more example?

The addon on for French Law “Loi Chatel (or Châtel)” is 90 Euros with PrestaShop :


Free for CSC, thanks to Lee Li Pop :wink:


For a PrestaShop shopping cart similar to CS-Cart, you must pay. Expensive. Very expensive.

However, PrestaShop and CS-Cart use Smarty template engine. This is why I use sometime PrestaShop on my developing local box.

But understand this: PrestaShop is a French shopping cart. But it’s IMPOSSIBLE to import the French characters like “é” or “è” or “ç” (tried on 2009 August) :lol:

Napoleon said, “Impossible is not French”, PrestaShop make it impossible :rolleyes:

While importation of French characters in CS-Cart is easy and natural!

Lee Li Pop