Failed Upgrade From 4.2.4 To 4.3.1

I been trying to upgrade to 4.3.1 without any success. At first I was getting the following error:


[color=#B94A48]Unfortunately, you cannot proceed with the upgrade because we cannot access thevar/upgrade/upgrade_4.2.4_ultimate-4.3.1_ultimate.tgz/restore.php file, which is used to roll back the upgrade. We must be sure that the restore functionality works fine before you continue with the upgrade.[/color]

[color=#B94A48]It seems that wrong permissions settings cause this issue.[/color][list]

Try this:[]Set 644 permissions for the var/upgrade/upgrade_4.2.4_ultimate-4.3.1_ultimate.tgz/restore.php file (chmod 644 var/upgrade/upgrade_4.2.4_ultimate-4.3.1_ultimate.tgz/restore.php)

]Set 755 permissions for var/ , var/upgrade/ , var/upgrades/upgrade_4.2.4_ultimate-4.3.1_ultimate.tgz folders (chmod -R 755 ./var)

[*]Click the Install button to restart the upgrade procedure.


[color=#B94A48]If this error message occurs after you have completed the above steps, contact our support team via your Help Desk account and give them a temporary SSH or FTP access to your store."[/color]

I successfully made these changes and this error went away, but I still could not upgrade. It would load continously and end up and blank white page. When I log back into my backend, I still get the upgrade notification. The worst part is that my frontend now says “STORE CLOSED… Sorry, the store is temporarily closed for maintenance” How do I get my frontend back up? Can someone help??


This sound simliar to my issue. You may not have ownership of the files you want to upgrade.

Have a look here Upgrade 4.3.3 Failed - Installation & Upgrade - CS-Cart Community Forums and if you need further help PM me.