Failed Transactions

We have been unable to get a successful credit card transaction for a couple of days now.

We are getting this message “The account is not active at this time please contact technical support for further information concerning your account.”

We just got off of the phone with our gateway who said “no problem here” and our site host says “no problem here”


Thank you,


who are you using for the trasnsactions. pay pal or 2co


We use [url][/url] for our transactions.

I spent some time with them on the phone and they report no issues on their end.

I’ve been in touch with our host who verified ip addresses and reported no changes.



you went though setting up payment methods in the admin? aslo the cc set up

Yes. We have been successfully transacting since March of this year.



oh, so you have been going fine untill now?

Yes…Our last successful trans was 9/11

[quote name=‘fenwick’]Yes…Our last successful trans was 9/11[/QUOTE]

9/11??? hmmm,

September 11, 2006


Suggestions for questions I might ask my host or gateway if it has nothing to do with the shopping cart?



“the account is not active” is that reffering to the cc account or the user account.

as far as it happening on 9/11, thats as far as ill go LOL

But their credit card is active and we were able to process a transaction with it through our store bypassing the gateway.

Which makes it sound like the gateway who, denies any issues. I then turn to the host who denies issues. I then turn to the shopping cart software and here we are.

I just love tech support. It is never their fault.

Lisa, not a personal attack or finger pointing toward cs cart, host or gateway. Just a general observation after being in voice/data administration for a few years.


i hear ya, i just had a problem with a customer too, they used a mc debit card and it was declined but when he called our store it went through, i called pay pal and they said they will deny any card that they see as a high risk. mabey this is what happened here?

Same problem here.

We are using PAYPAL PRO.

All CC transactions since Sep 21st have failed. Same error code across all customers:

The transaction cannot be processed due to an invalid address.

When we use their information and process the transaction manually via VT - it goes through easily. This has happened with over a dozen of so transactions.

Contacted paypal… and they say that the cart is not passing info correctly. We have a ticket open with support folks… and they are blaming Paypal.

Now, we have decided to move away from Paypal … to a different Merchant. If that doesnt help… i guess its time…

buldag, keep us posted, is the support going to look into it or did they blame pay pal and say there is nothing wrong.

We use PAYPAL PRO since JUNE 2006, everything is up and running and we do not encountered any problem with CC transaction, once a while, it will failed due to customer entering wrong info on card verification or billing address…

Not sure what happened or who did what but we are successfully processing orders again. Hope it lasts.

Thanks for your support.


The latest update:

Yes, our shop had started processing orders on Sept. 30th again… no idea what changed… but it was ok.

The problem re-occurred starting Oct. 6th evening… all orders are being declined with the same error codes as before. again, … No idea what changed.

We have lost over $2000 worth of business over this last weekend.

Thanks Paypal !

wow, im sorry to hear that, have you called pay pal again to see?

I was on the phone with Paypal for last 2 days… have spent countless hrs. - but no resolution.

Finally we got fedup and moved over to a different processor. Sorry to say that the CSRs at PPAL are inadequately trained. At times it seemed like I knew more than they did! - which is obviously not a good sign.

Anyways… now we are with a different processor… so now the orders are rolling in smoothly !

i agree with you about pay pal. it is a pain, but for now its the cheapest untill we start doing more business, then well move too.

who are you using now?