Failed Orders

When testing a credit card order when I place a order and enter the wrong credit card number it still creates the order and leaves it as failed in the customers order list. If the customer does not try again the order still stays on their account.

Shouldn't the order just be deleted it is not processed? It seems confusing to have an order with a status of failed and it just remains there for all time unless manually deleted.

I don't find it confusing at all and actually prefer to have full control over exactly when an order is considered “dead” at which time I will manually delete it from the orders list. Depending upon your clientele & market, you really should not be rcvng many failed orders regardless, right? If we rcvd many failed orders, I would view it as there is something we are doing wrong in our presentation or we have a problem with our payment processor.

True I just have never used a cart that created the order before it was paid

It is actually a very useful feature IMO & just might grow on you! :-)

If a customer attempts to place an order and is short .25 Cents on their card balance, the benefit is they can login to their online account, locate the failed order and “Re-pay” allowing it to process without the need to completely re-enter their order from scratch, which may be quite time consuming depending on the details of the order, you know. Last thing you would want to do is to completely delete a “Failed” order until you have given a customer ample time to provide actual payment. We proactively contact the failed order contact as soon as we notice them to force them thru to completion, and I would estimate that 85-90% of the time we are successful in turning the order into “Processed” just by taking control of the situation. You might be surprised just how often some customers had no idea that their order actually failed, the less meticulous types that check their inbox once every few days for example…

That makes sense but doesn't the checkout page

Prompt the user the card was declined and to try again?

I do see the value in being able to repay an order though.