Failed order

What are the conditions for an order to be marked as failed? Just recently we’ve been getting a string of falsely reported paypal failures. When I went to go look at them the payment was successful.

Welcome to this problem!!!

Several people are getting this, Cs say it’s Paypal and Paypal say it’s Cs.

There are several threads with this in and a couple of Bug Trackers and we have a ticket in on it.

One member has been told that Cs will fix, but they want money!!!

How can this be, when it is a GROWING global problem, therefore a BUG!!!

We currently have Paypal switched off.

PS if you have the “pay again” feature on, then you will get a second payment (if customer does it) and a success for the order (Paypal will ref:- this as ie order No 1001 & 1001_1 so you can refund the order money and still see which is which).

We preferred to switch off Paypal as we don’t want the FRAUD people on our case.


Yeah I turned it on but people started paying twice. So I modified the failed message.

Try this:


I notice you use SP1, but one of the solutions might help.