Failed add on installation

I uploaded an Images Optimization add on.
When I tried to install it I got an error
An error in an SQL query occurred during the add-on installation. The add-on will not be installed.
Duplicate column name ‘optimized’ (1060) : ALTER TABLE cscart_imagesADDoptimizedCHAR(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'N' AFTERimage_path, ADD old_size INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTE ( this is as far as I could copy it because it went off screen ).
Now the add on is just sitting there all greyed out and just won’t install.
Tried a few times but kept getting the same error message.
Any ideas for a solution ?

Our specialist will contact you shortly

Thank you. I was advised to raise a support ticket but it failed to generate.
I tried to email to a provided address but it bounced. Maybe my IP address has a bad reputation :frowning:
I hope that my messaging has provided you with the necessary details.
Sure glad I purchased the add on with ‘support’.

ecomlabs to the rescue. I couldn’t wait to use my shiny new Images Optimization add on.
Perhaps I should have read the instructions because right now the add on is optimizing 5000+ images.
Too frightened to close the browser but the main thing is that I am off and running and may soon have my site slow down cured. Thanks again ecomlabs.

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