Fail to restore back-up after upgrade

I recenly deleted the entire cart and installed the latest on fraligourmet dot com

The fresh installation worked fine until i tried to restore the database and now i get

this error:

Database error: Unknown column 'a.position' in 'order clause' (1054)<br />
Invalid query: SELECT a.*, b.description FROM cscart_currencies as a LEFT JOIN cscart_currency_descriptions as b ON a.currency_code = b.currency_code AND lang_code = 'EN' WHERE status = 'A' ORDER BY a.position<br />
<br />
Backtrace: (go to fraligourmet dot com to see it)
```<br />
<br />
Please let me know how to restore the data. If its possible at all<br />
Should i use the older version of the cart to make it work?

You cannot restore a DB from an older version directly into a newer version of CS-Cart without problems! There are often substantial changes made to the DB structure during each new release. :wink:

Thanks… I figured that out. :-o So i reverted back to 2.0.12… works good now :slight_smile: