Facebook Web Search: completely new search engine has arrived

Facebook has unveiled its new web search engine. Not everyone has it visible yet, but that should not be long.

Facebook is no longer using Bing for its web search but its a new better system. Facebook presents Graph Web Search with a large search toolbar at the top of each page. So its clear that this will be big.

Facebook web search is using microdata, likes, ratings, checkins and location/address for its search results.

Facebook search also has a function called Facebook local search which is a recommendation & search tool for local businesses. If you want in then you also need to define your stores locations.

It has become more important to define the location(s) of your store(s) so that search engines can find these. In this light its painful that the store locator addon does not work with CS-Cart Ultimate.

Locations, star ratings, check-ins, facebook page connection have become important to e-commerce websites now and are defined by semantic microdata.

The search engine landscape is changing fast. Google, Yahoo and Bing are also pushing for the use of html5 microdata: Semantic & Graph-Based Search: The Future Face Of Search

Here is some interesting information about facebook graph web search. Mind that this was written before Facebook explained that their web search was not powered by Bing:

Facebook Graph Search: Local Search Ranking Factors - Search Engine Watch