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I have 2 problem, i testing the script and i want to see if every think is ok after to buy it.

So, my problem are this:

1. when i want to share my domain.com in facebook is look like this:

CS-Cart. Powerful PHP shopping cart software


The powerful shopping cart software for web stores and e-commerce enabled webstores is based on PHP / PHP5 with MySQL database with highly configurable implementation base on templates.

i change the tittle from all pages but still show this!

2. my translate module don’t work, i push is loading the page but no change

3. when i want to show the pdf invoice is give me a error and is telling me to install some font.

For the moment only this.

Thank you

Design->Blocks->All Pages

Select the icon next to All pages and edit to your liking.

here is change from first step, because my website have the corect title, i think is in some other place a problem, a meta from footer from some other place :frowning:

for point 2 and 3? any help?

thank you

Soriv, did you solve the problem and how? I have the same issue.