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Hi there,

Whenever I share my sites on facebook, I get cs-carts NO-IMAGE image (the picture that is shown when a product does not have a picture).

I added

to meta.tpl. Facebooks linter page now scrapes the page ok and shows this image.

It still also finds an og:image called no-image.gif though. And I keep seeing that one when sharing in facebook.

So i thought to be smart. I just made a copy of the pic I want to see, and copied it over no-image.gif. Updated the scrape again with the linter… and…

Facebook is STILL showing the no-image.gif. I found out this is a known bug in facebook (it does not update their cache like it should after entering a page in the linter).

So what I'd like to know now, is how to I change cs-carts standard setting for


Nobody? CS support?

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Nobody? CS support?


cscartrocks was so nice to send me a fix:

Change this code with your site logo or the image you like in skins/your_skin/customer/addons/facebook/hooks/index/meta.post.tpl, line 8:

{assign var="http_image_path" value=http://`$config.http_host``$config.noimagepath`}
{assign var="http_image_path" value="yourimagepath"}

where youimagepath is of course the url to your image of choice

Sorry to resurrect this from 4 years ago, but would this fix still work for 4.2.4?