Facebook Login Doesnt Give Proper Email Id

A user who logged in using the social buttons on MVE created the order and the email id was displayed like this

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What could be the issue ?

Looks like if the email is not received from Facebook, the system generates it manually

how can we fix this ?

i did some research and found that the facebook account which are registered with the mobile number and dont have the email id configured cause this issue, but now the challenge is that the account is created with an id like :facebook-185028475320894@example.com which is of no use to us and will not get send any emails to the customer when he makes an order or some other activity, any idea how we can get the email id from the customer under this scenario.

I have not used the login method through social icons but maybe we can add some code to check the email added and if it does not "fit" to our needs, ask him to register a new one..

It needs code modifications, I know, but I am sure it can be done :)

Just wanted to know how everyone is solving this problem

Just wanted to know how everyone is solving this problem

I am afraid, no. Post this issue to the bug tracker