EZ Merchant Solutions - Auto Mailer (V4) beta tester needed

Have spent my hours and hours porting our popular V2/V3 auto mailer addon to V4.

I need one of our experienced users to beta test this in a product V4.0.1 environment.

If you are one of our current Auto Mailer customers and would be willing to beta test our V4 version, please contact support@ez-ms.com and include your license key.

Really only looking for 1 tester but would prefer a somewhat active store that pretty much uses the product as distributed (not a lot of custom templates/modifications). Preference would also be for a 2 store Ultimate configuration, but 1 store will probably do.

We will be completing unit testing next week and will be looking for a beta tester about then. Plan is to release addon for V4.0.1 in early Sept.

Appreciate the help.

Unfortunately, there will be no free upgrades from V2/V3 to V4 since it has required considerable investment on our part to become V4 compatible. However, our selected beta tester will receive a free V4 license for the auto mailer addon.

Beta tester found. Thanks for the responses.



Do you have an ETA on v.4.x compatibility?



Soon for auto_mail (maybe a week).

Need to re-verify on 4.0.2 in case they changed things underneath us and forgot to mention it.

V4 Auto-mail is now available. Please see V4 Auto Mailer addon now available from EZ Merchant Solutions - Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart Community Forums for details.