Ez Merchant Solutions 4.2.x Addon Changes

We've just discovered that cs-cart has removed a column from the language_values table that was added in 4.1.x. Hence, all of our addons have been updated to account for this needless change (should only drop columns at major version changes for compatibility).

Addons should update automatically over the next 24-48 hours (depending on your addon settings). The only change was to the common tools to remove reference to the 'original_value' field which now seems to have gone away… The vast majority of our addons do not use this functionality other than during installation. However there are some exceptions.

Specific new addon version numbers follow:

EZ Common Addon Tools - 4.2.11

Auto Mailer - 4.2.36

Bulk Status Change - 4.2.5

Checkout Summary Fields - 4.2.11

EZ Admin Helper - 4.2.15

Group Minimum Orders - 4.2.10

Log Email - 4.2.4

Mailchimp Integration - 4.2.33

Anet Pay Capture - 4.2.11

Note that you can force an upgrade by using the following url:

[your_domain_admin.php]?dispatch=[addon name].upgrade.force

As a reminder, we are still running a special where purchasing auto_mail or mailchimp gives you a free copy of log_email and any purchase over $100 gives you a free copy of EZ Admin Helper.