Extra Custom Fields on Products

I just realized you dont’ have extra custom fields, this is a pretty large hole at least for me and migrating users over from X.

We many times setup custom fields and hide them, for example, setting up a field call “MAP” or minimum advertised pricing.

and if this hidden field = Y, then we adjust the product template NOT to show the price other than MSRP and contact the client if you want their REAL price.

Any idea on a release date for custom fields.


not exactly clear for me, could you provide me with any working examples? Other carts which have this feature?

CS-Cart has so-called “product features” - actually these are extra fields for the product. Doesn’t it work for you?

Not in your current format.

These fields can be anything you want, but can also be shown/hidden from the customer.

In my example, one of clients, they have a MAP agreement with their suppliers, they cannot list a product online for less than MSRP, even though they sell it for less.

So we set up and Extra Field (hidden) called MAP.

then in the product.tpl if MAP = True, we output “Call for Pricing”, instead of outputting the real price.

In your product features section, if you Disable the feature, then it no longer works anywhere. I need more of a works all the time but just doesnt show up for the customer side.

hope this makes sense.

Ok, clear. We’ll implement it in CS-Cart 1.3.3.


I love this place.

FYI, I got major discussions going with my former X mates, many ppl are now considering the move!

Any news about this feature, please?