Extra Category Descriptions

Hi all. I am new to CS-Cart. We have just purchased the 2.2.4 Professional version earlier today to run our site with.

I think this is the correct section to place this post.

What I am looking for is to be able to add additional category descriptions to the category pages.

I would like to place some text after the products on the category page so it appears at the bottom. But this will be different for every category. I was wondering if there was a way to edit the category page and the admin area so that two text boxes are there to enter the text for the top and the bottom of the page.

It would look something like this:-

← Category Description →

<–Product 1 →

<–Product 2 →

<–Product 3 →

<–Product 4 →

← Extra Category Description →

I have included a screenshot of our current store where we have manage to achieve this. Our current store is Zen cart, but we felt that moving forward CS-Cart would be a better product all round for us. I would very much appreciate any information you could give me on how I can achieve this.

Many Thanks.




On my initial search I didn't really find anything that I thought was relevant. But after looking into adding additional tabs to the product display page I used the same method to add additional blocks onto the category page. I found this article in the KB helpful New Tabs For The Product Details Page Just in case anybody else is wondering how to do this.


Or maybe select “display tabs as a list” in settings, this will give them in a column/list view rather that a folder draw setup