Extensions and Themes for CS-Cart

Don’t know if I have posted this in the correct section if not would it be possible to have it moved.

I think CS-Cart is by far one of the most advanced and usable shopping carts available, Its very easy to work with and very easy to customise.


I do feel that one thing the CS-Cart community is lacking is a community addons and skins page, (similar to Megento’s connect system: [url]http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect[/url]) I would like to see the CS-Cart developers add a similar kind of thing to their main website enabling users to upload custom addons and skins to either sell as a commercial addon / skin or for free (like a few external websites already do) that can all be managed on the CS-Cart website.

Please see the Magento Connect website above for an idea of what I’m trying (and failing) to explain.

I think this will be vital to the growth and increased success of CS-Cart, I myself have quite a few custom skins and addons I wouldn’t mind sharing.

I know people already post addons and skins via the forum but I feel it gets messy and can become hard to find anything.

I have added this to the ideas section please vote for it if you also agree that this is a good idea Vote Here

What do other people think?

I also don’t think that the Manufacturer field should be under features, it should be displayed on the product page just like where you enter the product name. but this is another thing for another time. :slight_smile:

I think it is a good idea to have a central repository but given we only have 10 votes I think there are bigger fish to fry in the ideas system.