Expression Engine

I considering using Expression Engine for a new site, and was wondering if anyone has done any user account integration with cs-cart?

My primary desire is to have users with one account and being able to use both tools seamlessly.

So a user logins in to ee, and then if they need to purchase something they can do so without having to login to cs-cart.


Off topic. Why Expression Engine? Why not Wordpress or Joomla?

Funny you would mention those. I have Joomla 1.5.6 now, and the owner wants to replace it, as they don’t use most of what is can do. But what they do use, its overly complicated.

So we are considering EE as a publish platform.

But were also considering using CS-Cart and it recurring billing is feature is important.

So if we go this way, the thought is that users would login to a secure site (EE) and if they need to purchase something, then I would like the login to cs-cart to be automatic.