Exporting users

I currently have ~98% of my users registered under the ‘customer’ membership (this is done automatically), with the remaining ~2% registered as ‘wholesale’ or ‘distributor’ memberships. This is done because there are some newsletters that I want going only to direct customers and others that go to my wholesalers or distributors.

The problem I’ve encountered is in trying to export only the ‘customer’ membership; this list is 28 pages long and the site seems to resist my efforts to select ‘full list’ (probably too long), therefore I cannot select these users except one page at a time.

Please let me know if you can help, thanks!

I have the same situation. Unable to export thousands of customer. Any help. Thanks!

I had the same problem and I had to ask my host to allow scripts to run longer. So for 24 hours they allowed my scripts to run longer and I was able to export/import.

What I did was export the file while I had the extra time to run the script and then I broke the file down and imported it back in to CS in sections.

My host said they limit the time a script can run so it doesn’t kill the machine the site is on.