Exporting Order-Items and Orders-General as 1 File

We were really excited about the exporting of orders functionality in CS-Cart. It is our understanding that CS-Cart Supports the downloading of Products sold information (Order-Items) and Sales Orders (Orders-General) in two different .CSV files.

Is there a way to combine these two feed files (.csv) into one file without doing it by hand in excel?

Biz Need: we keep a local backup of all customers, orders, etc on a server in our office and want to continue this tradition with cs-cart. the problem is, when we export the Sales Orders .csv file it doesn’t actually contain what product the customer bought. Then when you download the order-items file it doesn’t tell you what customer bought what product. The only field that is the same in both of these is the order-id field. It would be nice if we could get a single file with all of the information about the sales order including information about what product was bought. See where we are coming from?

If there is no way to do this, we feel this would be a great addition to the new features to add in CS-Cart.


Does anyone have an idea on how to do it? I need it too.

I have developed a mod for my own website swimwearplace.com as I need to provide the order information to my dropshipper. It is quite tricky to get order detail information as they are encoded into one database field. I took me quite bit time to figure this out.

I am selling this mod for $24.99.

I can provide the sample export file.

You can contact me at: dominic@swimwearplace.com

Does your export parse through all the options and export them in an english reading format (option name, option value)? If you are outputing CSV, what happens if an Option name, Product name, or customer comment has a comma in it?

Would it be possible to see the sample export? Thanks!