Exporting Mailing list subscribers

This is probably a really simple thing, but I can’t seem to work out how to export subscriber lists. I use Mailchimp for store newsletters and just need to be able to extract the email addresses of confirmed subscribers and export them as a csv or txt document.

Is there an easy way to do this? I’m sure I’m missing something really obvious.

Also, is there a way of adjusting the drop down option in the mailist box to show “html” as the default rather than “plain text”?



Hi Cathy, did you ever find a way to export newsletter subscribers?

Just export the table cscar_subscribers and make it unique by email.

If you're familiar with databases you can go to phpMyAdmin and run this script in the SQL window;

cscart_subscribers.subscriber_id = cscart_user_mailing_lists.subscriber_id and
cscart_user_mailing_lists.list_id = 1 and
cscart_user_mailing_lists.confirmed = 1;

Once the query is generated, save it as a csv file that you should be able to import into Mailchimp.

Even better, you can use this addon ttp://www.ez-ms.com…ntegration.html.

tbirnseth when you offer a solution its not advertise!

I was just about to say, go with ez-ms mailchimp add-on, it will make your life much easier, and more fun too ;)

Always best where possible to let others toot your horn for you. Gives more credibility… :-)

The mailchimp integration does a lot more than just generate email addresses into mailchimp. It also does all the rest of their contact info and more importantly, it does the segmentation of the orders. I.e. you can select in mailchimp “all who purchased xyz”…

Docs can be found here http://www.ez-ms.com/docs/mailchimp.pdf

and the product detail page is: Mailchimp Integration