Exporting in Internet Explorer

Hi again,

If I try to export any of the CSV files from the admin area using IE browsers, I get the following error: -

“Internet Explorer cannot download admin.php from www.example.com

Firefox, Chrome etc are all OK. This happens on multiple computers, and IE can usually download exports from other websites OK.


I’ve discovered the problem related to downloads over HTTPS. I’ve added two lines of code (with the + symbol to the left) to \controlors\admin\exim.php (starting at line 906): -

// Direct download

if ($options[‘output’] == ‘D’) {

if ($output_started == false) {

header(“Content-type: text/csv”);

  •  header("Pragma: public;");
  •  header("Cache-control: no-store");
    header("Content-disposition: attachment; filename=$options[filename]");