Exporting files

I’ve been playing around with the exporting feature, and it seems that no matter what I do, files are exported with quotations surrounding each field when using either a .txt file or export to excel and then convert to a txt file. I’ve never seen this in any other exporting or converting I’ve ever done and it make it useless for what I need. Is this the norm or a weird Mac translation thing? How do I get around this? TIA

Have you selected “Comma” for the delimiter?

semi colons, tabs, commas. All combinations. All give the quotation marks. I thought maybe it was a mac issue, so I did a download to screen… still see quotation marks

Sounds like it’s stuck in semicolon mode.? Not sure what to tell you.

Thanks for the input… I’ll try bug tracker…

I currently export using a comma delimiter and direct download and then import into Numbers on the Mac without any problems. However, I was able to reproduce your experience using the Screen output option on the Mac but I don’t have Windows here to compare the output.

Are you using the Open or Import to get the file into Excel? I do recall sometimes having similar problems importing to Excel on Windows. Try using the Comma delimiter and making sure that the file extension is .csv. If that does not work, change the file extension to .txt and try the import. From what i remember, you need to make sure you set the data layout to delimited and then change the File Origin to, I think, Unicode. I have never done this on Mac Excel but there are probably similar options.

Is the CS-Cart export being done on a Mac server?


Have a look at the exported file in (notepad) some basic text file program - are the commas there.

My guess is the way that you are then bringing the data into excel.

I’ve been playing around with it. No matter what format I try to export as a .txt file (opens in Textedit - Mac’s version of notepad), I get quotations marks. The only way I don’t get quotation marks is when I do comma deliminated into Excel. From there, I can save as a tab del. text file in Textedit. But its a 2 step process and excel also likes to change the data (ex. zip codes starting in 0 get edited to without the zero). I also tried opening a tab del text file directly into Endicia (my end goal) and it has quotation marks.

So so far, from cscart to Endicia, I have to download as csv, translate to txt, edit all changes made by excel, then open txt into endicia. works, but not exactly streamline…

The interesting thing is that I don’t have this problem with googlebase txt files.