Exporting Catalog - Content Decoding Has Failed Error

I just installed CS-Cart on my Red Hat Linux Server and running MySQL 5.0.27. The demo products have been installed and when I go to the admin area to “Export Catalog”, I get this message in Internet Explorer:

Content decoding has failed

I’m using IE7. I’m also having a problem on IE6 and Firefox 2.

Anybody get that message before?

You don’t have the demo installed at all do you?

I can’t think of anything else but the protection (ioncube?) that exists in the demo

You are probably storing images in the database and if so, they are base64 encoded.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or something to do with settings on your end but, you could try moving the images to the file system then trying again (be sure to chmod 777 your images folder if so)