Exporting 'extra Fields'

I currently have some extra fields for my users and I want to export them into a nice easy to read format. However, when I export the extra fields, it put "Extra Fields" as the column title, and then just lists everything in that one column.

For example, it would say Extra Field as the column title, and then Data1Data2Data3Data4

Is there a way I can have each 'extra' field split up into their individual fields and have the corresponding data in an easy to read format?

For example, it would read as Heading 1 and then Data1 underneath. In the next column, it would have Heading 2 and then Data2 under it.

Hopefully this makes sense!

Many thanks!

You don't state what "object" your extra fields are in.

Assuming you added 'foo' and 'bar' as columns in the cscart_orders table and you wanted to import/export to those columns you would (as example) create a app/addons/my_changes/schemas/exim/orders.post.php file that contains the definition of those columns.

You can look at app/schemas/exim/orders.php file for reference on how to use a function to either parse or format the data as you want. There are also distributed addons (like Gift Certificates) that you can also use as examples for how to extend the 'orders' object within the 'exim' controller that uses data from a different table to extend the orders object.

As you see there is no simple solution to this issue. Code modification is required. But if you specify what extra fields you want to export, it will be easy to give you some hints or a link to a downloadable add-on that can help you.

If you do not find ready to use solution, feel free to contact us to get a free quote for this modification

We are also at your services. Please feel free to contact us at support@webkul.com.