Exported Order Data

Is there a simple way to deactivate ORDER ID, E-MAIL & STORE from exported file? I think having those “mandatory” fields are kinda outdated while I need output from fields what I need. Other two issues: SHIPPING: STATE (why I cannot select complete state name instead of ISO two letter?) also the SHIPPING: COUNTRY is just ISO two letters. I need to have complete country name. I never use cs-cart export function yet and didn’t look if there’s a simple ways to “add” or select complete field name for export??

Order_id is the key for the DB record. Store is also critical when determining which storefront the order is associated with. Email is mandatory because ever order being imported must have one. So export ouputs it.

You'd have to adjust the schema for exim/orders.php to use internal functions like fn_get_state_name($state_code, $country_code, $lang_code), etc.

ORDER ID, EMAIL and STORE I get over with different settings in final export file and the way other software is importing it. EXIM/ORDERS.PHP file I need to look closer how to figure out the settings for output file.

Finally had some time to look into exim/orders.php and database. The main issue still remains. As we know, at the backend we can see full name of the state (any country if it's setup) and full country name (not as two ISO standardized letters). Export file and orders database for "s_state", "s_country" is just two letters. I'd like to have both or at least country name full. I cannot import complete shipping address to labelling program. Just wondering how much coding this would need without confusing future CS Cart updates.

You would need to use the my_changes/app/addons/schemas/exim/orders.post.php file to override the definition of those fields and instead of using the db_field, it would use a function (referenced above) to return the result.

What shipping program are you using that won't recognize ISO values for state/country?

Thank you for the info. That helps me a lot to figure it out. We have used several shipping programs which were connected to different shopping carts. We never had this kind of issue with export files where country names were in ISO format. We don't have separate database to "convert" ISO to full name or vice versa. We don't use online shipping programs but our own intranet custom software where (after several firewalls) it connects to internet. We have never had similar issues with Magento, Prestashop (just for testing purpose) and couple others. We try to find certain easy solutions without modules to fill-up gap to those customers who let us dropship for them. They just email their CSV TAB files to us and our system can read file automatically. We are now using CS Cart and building multistore system and would like to use our internal custom labelling software (Mac OS). Easiest way for us is to do simple Export Orders list and person in charge just email confirmed orders to internal system. However, we have been thinking addon module for CS Cart if needed to. Options are still open.

You would probably be better served (relating to automation) to use the API instead of export. this would allow you to PULL from cs-cart into your shipping software. Alternatively, you could PUSH from cs-cart. If you have an API into your custom shipping agent, best approach would be to develop a custom addon that will send the order data to your shipping software when the order is placed. Your shipping software would then use the API to update the shipping info with tracking number, carrier, etc. when it's processed on that end (maybe after picking step).

Every carrier I've done integration with uses ISO names. But....

I'm just surprised that whatever you're doing won't work with AL instead of Alabama. It's also USPS standard.

We'd be happy to work with you to develop an addon to meet your needs. Use the get-a-quote link in my signature to specify your requirements and I'll be happy to get you a quote.