Exported data only in read only mode?

i exported all my data which was 22,000 products to add meta keywords and such. When i did so, it opened up in open office spreadsheet and says that its only in read only mode? How do i change this?

Apparently your browser still has the file opened. You should have an option to ignore the warning. Or, you can copy the file to a new name and use that instead.

ya i just copied all the data and put into new document,

Problem now is that when i export it, i ad some info in the meta keywords area, then import it back in and it wont go?

It keeps saying that there has to be a product code.

and its types exactly how its suppose to be and it has item codes and all.

everything the same except the met data information

Without seeing your csv, hard to diagnose. But it sounds like you have not labled the column for ‘Product code’ (note lower case ‘c’ in ‘code’) correctly or that there is a row where that column is empty.

you need just save file and after it will be normal to change