exported address completely different!?! British help?

Ok I’m being the ignorant American here, but I need some help understanding the address system. One of my orders came from UK and what I get from the customers’ address vs what is being exported is completely different.

  1. the address I get on invoice is:

    City: Wakefield

    Country: United Kingdom (Great Britain)

    State/province: West Yorkshire

    Zip/postal code: WF1 5SL

  2. the addy I get exported to excel is:

    City: Wakefield

    State: YSW

    Country GB

    zip: WF1 5SL

  3. When I export the address to the US postal service system it changes it to:



    I have no idea where “YSW” is, but when I map out the zip code, it is nowhere near Wales…

    Any ideas on why this is, or am I just being an ignorant American and I don’t need to worry?

Hi moka

Try this [url]http://postcode.royalmail.com/portal/rm/postcodefinder?catId=400145&pageId=pcaf_pc_search&gear=postcode[/url]