Export Users From Export Data Page

Hi there, I have been trying to export user data. I selected the required items on the left and saved as a new layout. i.e. ** All Mail chimp users 17/05/2020. **

Then went to Export Options below and selected the **You can upload and download files via File Editor** link which takes you to a **File Editor** screen to download the csv.

But the saved file never appears. I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong. Please see attached screenshot.

I've selected everything which has a red circle at it.

I tried it before but cant remember how I done it.

Any help or advice would be really helpful

Many thanks in advance


Try to reproduce the issue on the demo. Possibly there is a bug there

Hi there, apologies for the delay coming back to you.

I managed to get it sorted. Not sure what the problem was. Thankyou for responding so quickly.

many thanks