Export Import Users

Im having a bit of a problem importing users from my old v2 to my new to go lie v3 in that when I import the users, themk orders then order items some of the users have other users data, correct email but wrong order items and address etc.

Ive got a bit confused with it all and am wondering if anyone can tell me a potential easier way via php my admin.

Just to clarify, I want all orders, items, users etc for old site to new



Are you exporting and importing with CSV's? I've found this happens when using CSV (even when importing/exporting from V2 to V2 and V3 to V3), but due to differences in the table structures between V2 and V3, it's not going to be as simple as exporting via SQL and importing into the V3 database. The differences you are seeing is most likely caused by erroneous data somewhere in the database, so the unique ID's get mixed up.

If only the Store Import addon had options to allow you to only import X, Y or Z - not all.

Yes I am exporting .csv perhaps I do a compare and merge then.



In the end I went to new site, deleted All orders, then deleted all users except super admin (me)

then imported same from old site both via .csv seems ok now.