Export/Import Investigations and Questions

I am having partial joy with this but will get there in the end.

I am not sure what the “delete all existing product files before import” is meant to do - since it does not seem to delete any of them ??

If a field is empty it seems to leave what is there already. If this is the case then how do I clear what is there.

During my test I got a product option to import but then if I remove this option from the import file field it just stays there since the field is now empty.

With the export there is a choice of three delimiter types. But what happens if one of these delimiter types is in the text already?

I have not managed to open the file that cs exports within Excel and then just save it and reimport it in. This is with their sample data. I get an error message for certain lines - from 49 onwards for a while.

I have tried with saving it as tab delimited and comma delimited but still get an error message.

Anyone got any ideas on any of this.