Export Gift Certificates Into Orders?


I have a client who would like to be able to include a column for gift certificate codes when they take a csv export of their orders.

I've added additional columns to the export sheet before by editing the app/schemas/exim/orders.php file. for example I added a column for the subtotal discount by adding the lines:

'Subtotal Discount' => array(
            'db_field' => 'subtotal_discount'

This is straight forward because subtotal discount already exists within the orders table in the database.

With gift certificates the gift certificate code is stored in the cscart_gift_certificates table and the information about when a gift certificate has been used is in the cscart_gift_certificates_log table. So I can't simply use the method above to download them.

I've tried creating an addon which will add these values to the orders table, the code for which is as follows.

Export Gift Certificate
allows you to export gift certificate details in order export

ALTER TABLE `cscart_orders` ADD `certificate` VARCHAR(50) AFTER `subtotal_discount` ;
ALTER TABLE `cscart_orders` ADD `cert_id` VARCHAR(50) AFTER `subtotal_discount` ;
INSERT INTO `cscart_orders` (`cert_id`) SELECT `gift_cert_id` FROM `cscart_gift_certificates_log` WHERE `cscart_gift_certificates_log`(`order_id`) = `cscart_orders` (`order_id`);
INSERT INTO `cscart_orders` (`certificate`) SELECT `gift_cert_code` FROM `cscart_gift_certificates` WHERE `cscart_gift_certificates`(`gift_cert_id`) = `cscart_orders` (`cert_id`);
 ALTER TABLE `cscart_orders` DROP `certificate`;
ALTER TABLE `cscart_orders` DROP `cert_id`;

when i install it however it gives the following error shown in the image attached. [attachment=11839:example.JPG]

I know my insert into lines must be wrong. Could someone please suggest how I should be doing this?


H all, for accounting purposes I'm also looking for a way to export the use of gift certificates and the amount used per order. Would anyone know of an add-on or so?