Export files are not saved


I have a version 3.06 of CS-Cart. I have copy the store on another server to make some tests.

But now the export doesn’t work correctly.

It seems that the file cannot be saved, at the end of the export I have an error message :

Warning: readfile(‘real_path_of_web_site’/var/exim/products_general_11262013.csv) [function.readfile]: failed to open stream:

No such file or directory in ‘real_path_of_web_site’/web/controllers/admin/exim.php on line 244

I have checked that the path was correct, and I have checked the right access of the directory /var/exim.

Any idea ?


You probably have owner/permission issues on your site. Have your host help you get it so the application can create/update files and directories within your site at runtime.


I thought the problem of permissions was on the directory var, but it was also with the stores directory. Now, it works.