Export Entire Site Cs Cart 2.0

Good Evening

I am closing our ecommerce business shortly. For tax purposes & business requirements is there a way to export CS Cart, the entire site?

Later down the track I might want to start again [using a newer version of CS Cart or another platform] so I want to keep the product images, product descriptions [reason for closure is I am having another baby.]

Is there a way to do this?

Thank you for any help in advance


At first, please make a backup of the store database. In the CS-Cart admin panel, go to Administration > Database.
Enter a backup file name in the Backup file name field (i.e. full_backup.sql) and click the Backup button. The created file will be placed into the var/database/backup directory of your CS-Cart installation.
Then go to control panel of your server, open file manager, go to the root directory of CS-Cart installation, select all files and compress them. Download the generated archive.
You can use it later to restore the store or upgrade it.

I’m guessing you are really wanting a more portable export solution where you can use the data against a more current version of cs-cart or to massage it to be used with another platform. if so, do as Ecom said above but also to to the Export page and export customers, products, images, orders, etc. and all the sub-types like products/qty_discounts. Save these CSV files for later use.

But do note that cs-cart tends to change the import/export format from time to time so There’sno guarantee that you will be able to re-import an export from V2 into a current version of cs-cart.

For V2, you might also investigate cart2cart.com and see if they have a CSV format for their conversion rather than DB to DB.