"explode" how it works?

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me why the code below does not work. I have to set the minimum amount of the order (500) for the newly added group (id = 3). I do not know why I can not get id of the newly added group.

Thank you in advance for your help guys.

```php //

// Checks if order can be placed


function fn_allow_place_order(&$cart)


$total = $cart[‘total’];

fn_set_hook(‘allow_place_order’, $total, $cart, $group_limit);

//Group order limit changes

if( in_array(3, explode(’ ', $cart[‘usergroup_ids’])) && $cart[‘total’] > 500 ){

$cart[‘amount_failed’] = true;}

$cart[‘amount_failed’] = (Registry::get(‘settings.General.min_order_amount’) > $total && floatval($total));

if (!empty($cart[‘amount_failed’]) || !empty($cart[‘shipping_failed’])) {

return false;


return true;

} ```

I am testing it in fn.cart.php