Expire Banner

How can i have something like the pages date for banners?


Perhaps the solution is simple …

Transform the Creation Date to Expire Date and change the Status to Disabled

Can I do this here? How?


// Get specific banner data


function fn_get_banner_data($banner_id, $lang_code = CART_LANGUAGE)


$status_condition = (AREA == ‘A’) ? ‘’ : " AND ?:banners.status IN (‘A’, ‘H’) ";

$banner = db_get_row(“SELECT ?:banners.banner_id, ?:banners.status, ?:banners.url, ?:banner_descriptions.banner, ?:banners.type, ?:banners.target, ?:banners.localization, ?:banners.timestamp, ?:banner_descriptions.description FROM ?:banners LEFT JOIN ?:banner_descriptions ON ?:banner_descriptions.banner_id = ?:banners.banner_id AND ?:banner_descriptions.lang_code = ?s WHERE ?:banners.banner_id = ?i ?p”, $lang_code, $banner_id, $status_condition);

if (!empty($banner)) {

$banner[‘main_pair’] = fn_get_image_pairs($banner[‘banner_id’], ‘promo’, ‘M’, true, false, $lang_code);


return $banner;